People Oriented Construction. Home and Building Tuning, remodeling, rehabilitation. Property Damage Restoration.

Motto: We extend our services to private homeowners, investors, real estate agents, REOs, asset management companies, construction and remodeling companies, home improvement companies, particulars and other industries who are concerned with public safety and health.

We take our Indoor Air Quality Assessment / Mold Inspection at a Professional Level. We perform remediation procedures. It is our job to help you clear out the mold and any other pollutants or hazardous particles present in any premises. 

You deserve a problem solver with a sustainable eco-friendly vision. We offer comprehensive building inspections, property restoration services, property remediation services, property rehabilitation, air quality inspection and air quality consultation. We are looking forward to partnering with you to solve any mold infestation concerns. We have more than 10 combined years of experience in providing environmental quality assurance services and products at the most competitive prices.

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