“Property managers have a very difficult job. They’re engaged in this tug-of-war between residents, personnel, boards, and contractors. Managers really feel the squeeze. There are a lot of forces pulling them in different directions.” (Dr. Jonathan Kramer, a business psychologist based in San Diego, CA; Stop, Drop and Breathe Stress Management for Property Managers by Mary K. Fons, Feb 2008) First, the manager is constantly blamed when something goes wrong and it’s assumed that everything must go right. Tenants and patrons expect maintenance to be done as quickly as possible; on the other hand when all things are working right the property manager’s professional work is taken for granted. Management is often a thankless job. In Environmental Eco Solutions, we greatly appreciate the Property Manager’s work and professionalism and we aim to create a partnership with them to face the everyday challenges of property management.

Visit us now and see how much load we can take off of your shoulders:

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